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    Basic HydraulicsAn extensive class on hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps with a focus on the correlation between the pump performance and the system head curve. This course is designed for anyone who is involved with the selection, operation or maintenance of centrifugal pumping equipment and systems.

    Taming The Bad ActorsLearn how to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities, including the methods and means available for increasing pump reliability and efficiency. This course will teach you what you need to understand about your centrifugal pumps, the effects of operating them away from their best efficiency points, and how you can achieve maximum performance, resulting in longer mean-time-between-repairs.

    Breathing New Life into Old PumpsThis course starts with a short review on the hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps. Attendees will learn how centrifugal pump performance interacts with the pumping system and plant demand, and what methods are available for adapting old pumps to present-day system demands.

    Pump Training for the Oil and Gas IndustryA course on aspects of design and application of centrifugal pumps built to API 610 standards primarily for HPI and pipeline service.

    Pump Training for EngineersThis seminar is designed for project/specifying engineers who are responsible for designing specifying, and evaluating pumps to be used throughout general industry. The seminar will cover the following topics as they apply to different types of pumps available for general industry HI Classification of Pumps, Suction Specific Speed, Principles of Operation, Pump Performance Curve Characteristics, Boundaries, Safe Operating Zone and System Head Curve.

    Energy Optimization of High Energy PumpsLearn how modification costs can be offset by energy savings implementation of performance improvement opportunities, including the methods and means available for increasing pump reliability and efficiency.

    Vertical Pump TrainingVertical pumps are a unique subcategory of centrifugal pumps that are widely used in many industries. This seminar will cover HI Classification, Performance Characteristics, Design Differences, Optional Construction and Maintenance Consideration as they apply to vertical turbine pumps.

    Submersible Pump TrainingThis seminar has been created to educate submersible pump users operating in all industries including municipalities with the fundamentals as well as proper operation and repair principles for submersible pumps.

    Hydraulic Institutes: Pumping System Optimization TrainingAttendees will gain valuable new skills, earn 7 PDH (professional development hours) and learn how to develop an action plan to help improve system efficiency to reduce energy and operating costs at your plant. Material for this course is provided by The Hydraulic Institute and taught by Hydro’s Hydraulic Institute Certified Instructor.

    Pump Vibration TrainingThis class focuses on pump troubleshooting using vibration and other specialized testing and analysis techniques.

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