Descaling Pump Reliability Summit / Chicago, IL / June 5-6, 2019

Location: 1126 W. 40th Street in Chicago, IL

Date(s): June 5-6, 2019

Descaling systems can be very complex, consisting of descaling pumps, valves, descaling nozzles and other ancillary equipment. They also offer almost infinite possibilities to “fine tune” the system to provide significant energy savings and maximum reliability.

Hydro personally invites you to the Chicago HydroAire Descaling Pump Reliability Summit! This 2-day technical event will be focused on reliability improvements using recent technology specific to descaling pumps, valves, descaling nozzles, mechanical seals, pump testing, and remote monitoring. Below are specific topics that will be covered during our 2-day summit along with the presentation of several case studies.

  • Best repair practices & maintenance tips
  • System Optimization & Energy Savings Monitoring
  • Vibration analysis & Remote Monitoring
  • Testing & Reverse engineering
  • Material Improvement Upgrades & Laser Cladding
  • Case Studies
During the case studies, the benefits of improving the performance of pumping systems; system optimization and basic pump system interaction will be discussed. The summit will also look at how to screen pumping systems for good system improvement candidates and how to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities. The aggregate sum of these efforts can often result in $1m plus in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

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e-Learning: Rotodynamic Pump Fundamentals

Participate in a free educational certificate program hosted by the Hydraulic Institute.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program Provides Overview on Technology, Pump Selection and Application.

Rotodynamic is the main family under which centrifugal pumps reside. One of two basic pump types (in addition to positive displacement), a centrifugal pump is a variable torque device that uses an impeller and volute casing to create a partial vacuum and discharge pressure to move water through a casing. Choosing between a centrifugal or positive displacement pump for an application requires an understanding of pump types.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program is ideally suited for engineers, designs, maintains, installs, manufactures, specifies, sells, distributes or consults on pumps.


Training for Vertical Pumps / Rancho Dominguez, CA / April 18, 2019

Location: 18128 S. Santa Fe Ave, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221

Date(s): April 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Evans Hydro will be hosting a vertical pump training seminar at our Rancho Dominguez service center. We are able to offer valuable training opportunities to our valued customers. CWEA Contact Hours (5) will be offered for this Vertical Pump course.

Our 1-day seminar on Vertical Pumps will include these main topics:

  • Pump applications and operating characteristics
  • Basic Hydraulic characteristics
  • How to assemble Vertical Turbine Pump
  • Maintenance Tips, what to look for in a failure and apply corrective action

This Course is designed for: Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Foreman, Mechanics, and/or anyone involved in the operation or maintenance of pumping equipment and systems. Continue reading

Training for Submersible Pump / Chicago, IL / May 9, 2019

Location: 1126 W. 40th Street in Chicago, IL

Date(s): May 9 , 2019

Hydro personally invites you to the next training session in our series of one-day seminars on Submersible Pumps on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

The classroom session includes a review of individual pump components and how they relate to one another. Industry expert Bob Jennings will lead the training sessions, conduct the service center tour, and will be available to answer your pump and systems questions.

There will be an in-depth demonstration in our shop that will show submersible pumps in different stages of disassembly during the inspection process. The afternoon session will conclude with a tour of Hydro’s 5,000 HP certified pump test lab.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Typical Lift Stations, Fit and Function
  • Calculating Basin Size
  • Affinity Laws
  • Variable Frequency Drives and System Head Curves
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Maintenance

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