e-Learning: Rotodynamic Pump Fundamentals

Participate in a free educational certificate program hosted by the Hydraulic Institute.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program Provides Overview on Technology, Pump Selection and Application.

Rotodynamic is the main family under which centrifugal pumps reside. One of two basic pump types (in addition to positive displacement), a centrifugal pump is a variable torque device that uses an impeller and volute casing to create a partial vacuum and discharge pressure to move water through a casing. Choosing between a centrifugal or positive displacement pump for an application requires an understanding of pump types.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program is ideally suited for engineers, designs, maintains, installs, manufactures, specifies, sells, distributes or consults on pumps.

Training for Basic Hydraulics for Municipalities / Chicago, IL / August 29, 2018

Location: 1126 W. 40th Street, Chicago, IL 60609
Date(s): August 29, 2018

Basic Hydraulics for Municipalities is a 1-day course on hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps. Our excellent trainer, Bob Jennings, will be teaching the seminar.

This course is designed for

  • Public Works Directors
  • Superintendents
  • Facility Managers
  • Municipal Operators

The classroom session includes a review of individual pump components and how they relate to one another. We will also be presenting a demonstration of a pump as it is taken apart with service information and tips for preventative maintenance.
*CEUs for Illinois and Indiana will be offered for this seminar.

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Training for Basic Hydraulics for Barrel Pumps / La Porte, TX / September 13, 2018

Location: 11802 W. Fairmont Parkway, La Porte TX 77571
Date(s): September 13, 2018

Hydro is presenting a 1-day seminar which will discuss the improvements that can be applied to the pumps in service today. The topics will include: 

  • Basic Hydraulics for Barrel Pumps
  • Pump applications, operating characteristics and failure modes
  • Improved Engineering principles of Barrel Pumps
  • Altering pump performance, rerates and upgrades to increase the mean time between repairs/failures (MTBR/F)
  • Maintenance Tips, what to look for in a failure and apply corrective action
  • Meeting the EPA standards for VOC emissions, there are better sealing solutions
  • Discuss cavitation and the effects to the pump and your system

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