e-Learning: Rotodynamic Pump Fundamentals

Participate in a free educational certificate program hosted by the Hydraulic Institute.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program Provides Overview on Technology, Pump Selection and Application.

Rotodynamic is the main family under which centrifugal pumps reside. One of two basic pump types (in addition to positive displacement), a centrifugal pump is a variable torque device that uses an impeller and volute casing to create a partial vacuum and discharge pressure to move water through a casing. Choosing between a centrifugal or positive displacement pump for an application requires an understanding of pump types.

The Rotodynamic Pumps Certificate Program is ideally suited for engineers, designs, maintains, installs, manufactures, specifies, sells, distributes or consults on pumps.

Training for Taming the Bad Actors / Chicago, IL / March 15, 2018

Location: 1126 W. 40th Street Chicago, IL 60609
Date(s): March 15, 2018

The seminar is entitled “Taming the Bad Actors” and is designed to help participants better understand:

  • Pumps and Pump/System Interaction
  • How to identify root cause failures
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Improving the Performance of the Pump and Pumping Systems

Attendees to the one-day course will gain valuable new skills, including:

  • The principles of operation of centrifugal pumps
  • How the centrifugal pump interacts with the pumping system
  • How to identify system problems that occur when operating pumps off BEP, including cavitation, suction recirculation, discharge recirculation
  • How to identify root cause failures
  • How to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities, including the methods and means available for increasing pump reliability and efficiency

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2-Day Comprehensive Centrifugal Pump Training Seminar / Fort Saskatchewan, AB / April 24-25, 2018

Location: 55243 Range Road 220, Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
Date(s): April 24-25, 2018

Hydro Scotford invites you to our 2-Day Comprehensive Centrifugal Pump Training course on April 24 and 25. This course will be combining two of Hydro’s most popular seminars: Basic Hydraulics and Taming the Bad Actors.

Basic Hydraulics discusses the hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps, with a focus on the correlation between the pump performance and system head curve.

Taming the Bad Actors helps participants to identify the root cause of pump failures and how to improve the performance of the pump and pumping systems to produce maximum performance resulting in longer MTBR (Mean Time between Repairs).

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