Taming the Bad Actors / Fort Saskatchewan, AB / October 24, 2017

Location: Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Date(s): October 24, 2017

The seminar entitled “Taming the Bad Actors” is designed to help participants understand:

  • Pumps and Pump/System Interaction
  • How to identify root cause failures
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Improving the Performance of the Pump and Pumping Systems

Attendees to the one-day course will gain valuable new skills, including:

  • The principles of operation of centrifugal pumps
  • How the centrifugal pump interacts with the pumping system
  • How to identify root cause failures
  • How to identify system problems that occur when operating pumps off BEP, including cavitation, suction recirculation, discharge recirculation

Seminar Type:
Taming the Bad Actors

Seminar Coordinator:
Suzanne Thorne, 312-420-0778

Registration Deadline:
Wednesday, October 18th

Seminar Fee:
$250 plus GST

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