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Reverse Engineering

A Hydro Core Competency

Reverse engineering is the examination, testing and analysis of a component to define and document all of the parameters and critical attributes necessary to manufacture, repair or modify it. Dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes and fit or clearance to adjoining items, are determined. Hydro's process also includes an analysis of the chemical and physical properties of the material of construction as well as its hardness and residual stresses.

Reverse engineering is quite different from "replicating." We are not interested in just replicating the existing component as it is, but also in evaluating the failure modes and defining the critical characteristics required to minimize the possibility of failure in the newly manufactured piece. Engineering knowledge and experience is always an important part of the Hydro process.

While accuracy, thoroughness and technology are important elements of reverse engineering, it is Hydro's pump-specific engineering knowledge, understanding and experience that distinguish and define our process.