Training for Reciprocating Pumps / Chicago, IL / November 16, 2017

Location: Chicago, IL
Date(s): November 16, 2017

Quality and reliability in reciprocating pump repair requires extensive training in pump function, design and application. For this reason, Hydro formed a service division dedicated specifically to reciprocating pumping technology. As part of our customer commitment, Hydro has developed repair processes and standards designed to improve performance and extend the life of these vital machines in today’s industries.

This 1-Day seminar has been created to educate pump users about the operation, repair and maintenance of their reciprocating pumps.

The Seminar Course Topics Include:

  • Basic Hydraulics for positive displacement reciprocating pumps
  • Reciprocating pump applications, operating characteristics and failure modes
  • Engineering principles of reciprocating pumps
  • Altering pump performance, rerates and upgrades to increase the mean time between failures
  • Meeting the EPA standards for VOC emissions, there are better sealing solutions
  • Maintenance tips, what to look for in a failure and apply corrective action
  • Discuss cavitation and the effects to the pump and your system

This course is designed for: Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Foreman, Consulting Engineers, System Engineers, Process Design Engineers, and/or anyone involved in the operation or maintenance of pumping equipment and system

Seminar Type:
Reciprocating Pump Training

Seminar Coordinator:
Christine Barger, 630-947-4039

Seminar Fee:

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Training for Nuclear Pump Fundamentals / Chicago, IL / December 12-13, 2017

Location: HydroAire Service Center & Performance Test Lab, 1126 W. 40th Street in Chicago, IL
Date(s): December 12-13, 2017

This two day seminar is an educational course covering centrifugal pump fundamentals. Anyone interested in understanding centrifugal pumps, how they work and related key topics are encouraged to attend. The course can be best described as a “college level, intensive class on hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps and the correlation between the centrifugal pump performance and the system head curve.”

Topics covered include in-depth discussions of:
  • Basic Hydraulics – Terminology and concepts
  • Characteristics of performance curves for different style pumps
  • Head/Capacity/Efficiency/Power Curves
  • Generating System Head Curves
  • Interaction of System Head Curve with the Pump Performance Curve
  • Affinity Laws and methods of modifying the performance curve to meet new demands
  • The effect of suction conditions on pump performance – NPSHr and Cavitation
  • Effect of operating at off design conditions (away from the pumps BEP)
  • Conservation of energy and maximizing efficiency
  • Typical modes of failure of Feed Water and Service Water pumps
  • Performance Modifications
  • Pump Inspection and Rebuilding
  • Basic Mechanical Seals 101 – Presented by Eric Vanhie, Lead Technical Sales Support Engineer of Eagle Burgmann

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