Maximizing Efficiency in Descaling Pumps

descale pump impeller damage

A showcase of severe corrosion with one of the descale pumps’ impellers.

A major steel plant on the East Coast had been experiencing catastrophic failures with maximizing efficiency in their five- stage descaling pumps for more than four years.

The plant operated using three multistage axially split (BB3) pumps with two spares. All five of the pumps had a mean time between repair (MTBR) of two years.

The water quality at the plant was considered to be less than ideal. The entrained abrasives were also a factor contributing to the repeated failures.

The client reached out to both the OEM and several aftermarket repair shops for over the past five years with hopes for a more permanent solution.

A global aftermarket pump service provider repaired one pump several years ago. It had provided the longest run time, operating more than four years without failure.

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